Form 5 Drama ‘Lost’

On Tuesday, Form 5, under the directorship of Mr Waller, Mrs Everett and Ms Dowsett, presented ‘Lost’, a diverse compilation of literary…

On Tuesday, Form 5, under the directorship of Mr Waller, Mrs Everett and Ms Dowsett, presented ‘Lost’, a diverse compilation of literary adaptations which ranged from ‘King Lear’ to the ‘B.F.G’.

The production opened with ‘Lord of the Flies’ in which Tom K. and Freddy M. powerfully portrayed their frustration at the island’s isolation whilst the other boys skilfully worked in unison with their beating sticks to show how wild they were becoming. This was followed by the first of two snippets from ‘The BFG’; the interaction between Isobel J-P. and Cameron B., playing Sophie and the BFG, was gentle and caring, providing a strong contrast to the giant heads which were truly horrifying. Next, ‘Animal Farm’ showed us just how lost the animals were under the unequal society of the Max C’s Napoleon.

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In ‘ Evacuees’, Max D., as Peter, showed us how hard it was to be sent away from one’s parents in WW2, especially when bullied by the likes of Ben, Bradley, Oscar, Rye and Bashi! However, moments of high humour were provided by William O’C as the well-meaning Col. Holmes.

Next came the perils of losing a decent place for children to play in ‘A Straight Choice’ with its very own One Show girls, Sienna S. and Matilda C. and Rafe A. as the awkward  Mr Griffiths. The most light-hearted and amusing performances of the evening were provided by the BFG’s visit to Buckingham Palace to have breakfast with HM Queen Layla. Between ‘whizzpopping’ and the marvellous buffoonery of Heads of the Forces, Finn T., Sean H. and Will W., the section was a triumph.

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The evening was rounded off by a Downton Abbey inspired setting for ‘King Lear’. A demanding piece, the children rose to the challenge and Willem S’s slow demise was well crafted, whilst Boau-Lily, Naalini and Siena shone as his scheming daughters. Very well done to all who took part and allowed this reviewer to find many, many joys amongst the ‘Lost’.

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