June Form 3 were invited to Cedar Court to perform some traditional World War 1 songs to the residents.

When we arrived we were greeted by some soldiers who made us march with them, 1…2…1…2 all the way to the courtyard. Here, we were met by Corporal Dixon who told us about the war and the importance of songs in raising soldiers’ morale. We were addressed by a Canadian Officer who told us about a man called Hart Leech who died on the battle front. His final letter to his mother was read out to us, which was very honest and emotional. We then sang some songs to the residents. We also sang happy birthday to one lucky resident. During the afternoon we were introduced to two of the residents who were 100 years old!

At the end of the afternoon we were all presented with a “King’s Shilling”.  The expression ‘to take the king’s shilling’, meant to sign up to join the army. A bonus payment of a shilling was offered to tempt lowly paid workers to leave their trade and join the army. Once the shilling had been accepted, it was almost impossible to leave the army. We were also presented with a Canadian commemorative badge and a pencil.DSC00661

It was a lovely afternoon and good fun was had by both residents and Cranleigh pupils.

DSC00668 DSC00669


James M and Sam F, Form 3