Whilst 4J were having an adventure on top pitch, the rest of the year group headed to Cranleigh School for their own swashbuckling fun with the Theatre Club.

After braving the tempestuous seas of the Dining Hall, we traversed the planks to the Vivian Cox Theatre to watch the Junior Play.  The play was fast-moving and memorable, delivering the full pirate experience: a treasure map, a one-legged ship’s cook, a mutiny, several sword fights and a treasure chest… oh, and a very catchy cheese dance (?!).

CPS at Treasure Island_29055 CPS at Treasure Island_29056

Despite the fearsome costumes, it was delightful to see some familiar Prep School pupils treading the boards: Toby Escolme, Autumn Brown, Elsa Hardcastle, Amelie Lambie-Proctor, Zoe Bickenson, Frankie D’Agata, Will Grainger, Nick Peachy, Charlie Phillips, Henry Mould, Hugo Puddle and Maia Cooper.

Junior Play Treasure Island_29074 Junior Play Treasure Island_29115
Junior Play Treasure Island_29120 Junior Play Treasure Island_29142

Another super production from Cranleigh School; another lovely evening for the Theatre Club.