July. Upstairs in 1U’s classroom, many vocal talents filled Mrs Unwin’s room, with sweet singing voices chanting ‘j’ai faim’ et ‘j’ai soif’. Across the corridor in Lovelace computer suite, only the sound of clicking keyboards could be heard as children learnt the names of a variety of French foods.

After such a busy and exhilarating time, the children welcomed a relaxing treat and the highlight of the morning in 2R, which had been transformed into a French style café. With red and white gingham cloths on all the tables, accordion music, French menus and a bar with hot chocolate, pain au chocolats and croissants, the children enjoyed the full French café experience.  They loved the role play activity, practising their ‘Je voudrais ….s’il vous plait, whilst also testing their mathematical aptitudes when working out the value of their euros.  Many thanks to Vanessa Diacono (Wild) for organising such a fantastic and inspirational morning’s entertainment.

CPS_Lower_School_French_Morning_25913  CPS_Lower_School_French_Morning_25899
 CPS_Lower_School_French_Morning_25893  CPS_Lower_School_French_Morning_25930