Annual Spelling Bee competition as that stomach dropping feeling you get when you are on a rollercoaster.  Another described it as the most exciting moment of their year.  Either way, the competition was full of friendly house rivalry, stunned silences, gasps and lots of tricky words to spell at lightning speed.

Eager to repeat their success from last year, Spades made a good start to the class heats, scoring 296 points, but Clubs and Diamonds raced ahead with 324 and 314 points respectively.  In Round One, contestants from Forms 1-5 and the gap students took to the stage, challenged with spelling as many words as possible in 30 seconds.  The second round, where teams went head to head to spell very difficult words, was where the friendly rivalry of the houses came to a head and Clubs nudged forwards again.  The final round, a timed cross-year spelling contest, was concluded with a final, after-the-buzzer, spelling word for Spades’ Bradley.  The room fell silent as he correctly spelt ‘advantageous.’  Sadly, this brave performance was not enough to secure Spades a repeat victory.  The final scores were:CPS_Whole_School_Spelling_Bee_25456

Clubs – 584 points

Diamonds – 554 points

Spades – 506 points

Hearts – 491 points

Congratulations to all spellers, both in the class heats and the whole school spelling final.  You were amazing.