This weekend saw the launch of the Prep School Theatre Club with two trips to two theatre productions.

On Saturday night, 14 Form 5 children headed to G Live in Guildford to watch The Lord of the Flies.  Based on William Goulding’s classic novel, this play tells the story of a group of schoolboys who, following a catastrophic plane crash, lived together on a desert island.  Their adventure quickly descended into a struggle for survival.  Our pupils were captivated by the performance, which gripped them from the moment the show began.

On Sunday morning, 14 Form 3 children travelled to Chichester Theatre to watch the adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s book, Hetty Feather. With a cast of just six and a few simple props, we were treated to a vibrant, musical adventure that left us all enthralled and uplifted.  The show, which captivated the children for two hours, was based in Victorian England and told of the heartbreak and courage of a young, spirited girl left at London’s Foundling Hospital.  The play started with the words “You can be whoever you want to be,” and we left excited in the knowledge that we could.