Earlier this week, parents and children from all year groups were invited to attend a screening of the 1970 classic ‘Waterloo’. Approximately 25 eager historians from across the generations attended.  Prior to the movie, they were treated to an introductory mini-lecture from former Cranleigh Prep teacher, Mr Henderson, who, it must be said, was just as polished as Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer, Orson Wells and the many other accomplished actors in the film. Whilst the children munched on popcorn and the parents and grandparents relaxed with a glass of elderflower cordial or Ribena (depending upon their preference for red or white!), they saw the dramatic events of the famous battle unfold before them. To help their understanding, Mr Henderson would sometimes pause the movie to further explain some of the historical nuances and this served only to bring the evolving drama to life even more. All had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and as Napoleon headed for St Helena, everyone else headed home.

The history club movie is to become a termly event, where children and parents get to enjoy old historical classics. ‘The Bridge Over the River Kwai’, or something similar, is being considered for next term; please email Mr Batchelor with any personal preferences/suggestions.