Creative Arts

Comprising Music, Drama, Dance and Art, the Creative Arts at Cranleigh Prep School combine to form an important and integral part of school life.  Every term the school calendar is filled with events which reflect their equal and joint importance.

There are regular informal concerts, presentations and examination sessions for music and drama each term, as well as more formal opportunities for performance or exhibiting art work at particular times of the year.

A typical year includes:

Michaelmas Term

  • Shakespeare Schools Drama Festival: Form 6
  • Form 3 production
  • Christmas Concert: Ensemble performances
  • Christmas Celebration: Forms 1 & 2

Lent Term

  • House Music Competition: Whole school
  • Form 4 Drama Club Production
  • Dance Presentation: Form 1, 2 & 3 plus dance students
  • House Singing Competition: Whole school

Summer Term

  • Form 5 Drama Production
  • Summer Concert: Ensemble performances
  • Art Exhibition: Whole schoolp1240904


Please click here for details of the music scholarships on offer.