Our sport is run under the umbrella of Cranleigh Sport 7-18. The coaching of the major sports at both Cranleigh Prep School and Cranleigh School is controlled by highly qualified specialist coaches who design the sports’ programmes, train and support members of the Common Room and look after our elite athletes. Talented youngsters at the Prep School have the opportunity to train with their Cranleigh School counterparts along with other talented boys and girls from the local area. The Cranleigh Sport 7-18 initiative, introduced in 2010-11, is enhancing Cranleigh’s already well known reputation for sporting excellence.

Every pupil has a daily session of games, with fixtures played on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, against a network of local and regional schools. Up to twenty-five teams, from all age groups, and including A, B, C, D and even E and F teams if required, may play on any one afternoon, allowing maximum opportunity for pupils to represent the school. Although the majority of matches are local, on occasion we travel further in order to meet appropriate opposition. Our top teams enter county, regional and national competitions in the major sports and we host many tournaments ranging from the ‘Festival’ style events, for the younger age groups, to county and even regional finals for the older teams. The major games for boys are rugby, football, hockey and cricket, while the girls’ main sports are hockey, netball, and rounders, along with an introduction to lacrosse and cricket. In addition, swimming, athletics and tennis are offered to all children. Squad training for swimming (and athletics in the summer term) is held after school on a regular basis As well as our mainstream games, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of sports activities to cater for all interests including archery, climbing, Eton Fives, golf, gymnastics, horse riding, judo, orienteering, and squash.