Shape of the Day

School life starts at 7am when boarders are woken for showers and breakfast. They join the children arriving from home for registration with their Form Tutor at 8am.

All pupils enjoy a packed day of academic lessons, games, lunch, morning and afternoon breaks, music practice, rehearsals, supervised prep, and optional activities.

The Structure of the School

Form 1 = NC Y3 – Lower School
Form 2 = NC Y4 – Lower School

Form 3 = NC Y5 – Middle School
Form 4 = NC Y6 – Middle School

Form 5 = NC Y7 – Upper School
Form 6 = NC Y8 – Upper School

The school day finishes at 4.35pm for all year groups. Pupils have the choice to go home or stay to do prep or activities until either 5.15pm or 5.45pm

Younger pupils are looked after if they are waiting for older siblings. Those boarding take a break before their evening programme of prep, supper, activities and relaxation time.