The world of sailing is gathering momentum at Cranleigh Prep School. Our pupils come from a range of sailing backgrounds; some have never sailed, some are members of a club, some race, while others just enjoy ‘messing about in boats’.

Organised trips to UKSA, (the UK Sailing Academy) on the Isle of Wight, give pupils in the Middle School a taste of life at sea. While at UKSA, all manner of boats are sailed including lasers, keelboats and darts, with tuition that is second to none.

Recently we have arranged for a group of pupils to train towards RYA qualifications on a Wednesday afternoon and they very much enjoy the opportunity to engage in this activity. It is planned that this will continue in the Summer term from now on.

We firmly believe that as an island nation, and with such national prowess in the sport, sailing should and will continue to play an important role in the school community. It not only offers the chance to learn important life skills such as sociability, communication and co-ordination, but it also provides an alternative to team sports, where pupils who prefer to operate in small groups can flourish.

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