Outdoor Education

Children at Cranleigh Prep make extensive use of the stunning grounds at school. Regardless of their ability in the classroom, sports field or on stage, every child is encouraged to extend their comfort zone safely and explore the world around them.

We teach them to respect the environment they live in, to solve challenges by working together and equip themselves with the necessary life skills they need as they grow up. Social leadership, independence, confidence, communication skills and active listening are all benefits of increasing our opportunities for outdoor learning.

There are a variety of day trips scheduled each year. These enrich curriculum topics and bring classroom studies to life. Recent destinations have included Fishbourne Roman Palace, Kew Gardens, the British Museum, Chatham Docks and to see Horrible Histories at the theatre.

Each year group also takes part in a residential trip during the year. The children can really get to know each other and start to see character strengths growing in themselves and in each other. Activities such as bushcraft, camping, mountain biking, climbing and orienteering are just a few of the activities on offer through the school.

Several specialist trips such as skiing, creative writing and sailing are offered as regular options, along with sports trips and musical tours.