Clubs and Activities

All children are involved in creative and sporting activities during their prep school life. There are many additional clubs and activities, providing something for everyone and a chance to try new experiences and skills. Some of the weekly activities are open to everyone and some are invitational, depending upon experience and aptitude.

Lower School (Forms 1 & 2)

Lower School children choose their own clubs at lunchtime. These include art, choir, creative writing, drama, Lego, mindfulness, orchestra and skipping.

Middle and Upper School (Forms 3 – 6)

Middle and Upper School children have optional Priority Time activities at the end of the school day, which include hobby-based activities such as Airfix modelling, brain games, chess, crafts, family history, patchwork and stone masonry.

Dedicated rehearsals for music ensembles and drama productions also run during this session.

After School

After school activities are often extension activities for creative arts and sport, such as the Da Vinci Art Club, Chamber Choir, invitational netball and indoor hockey. It is also a prime training time for sports like swimming, Eton Fives and golf. 

Children are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities that they have available to them. Everyone takes part in regular team sports fixtures, plus a range of performances and exhibitions. This cultural enrichment brings balance and diversity to our community and we value it hugely.