Boarding Options

Many of our boarders live locally, whilst others are from further afield or overseas. Therefore, we offer different boarding options, to suit the varying needs of families.

Weekly Boarding:  Most weekly boarders arrive on Monday morning, either for breakfast at 7:30am or in time for the school day at 8:05am.  For those living in London the school provides a Monday morning bus service which collects the children from Wimbledon Common and delivers them at school in time for breakfast.  Places for this need to be booked in advance.

On weekends, all children go home at the end of the school day in line with day children.  We do not offer weekend boarding.

On ‘in-school’ Saturdays you may collect your child after their match.  If your child is in an away match you may take him/her directly from the match, however, you need to inform the relevant boarding houseparent in advance.  Please do not collect children other than your own from matches, unless this has also been arranged in advance with a member of staff and communicated to the house parents.

Flexi Boarding:    These are regular boarders who board on the same nights every week for the duration of the term, from one night a week upwards.

Nights can be requested via email to the relevant boarding houseparent.  This is a good way for children to gradually increase their boarding experience in preparation for weekly boarding.

Ad hoc Boarding:   One off boarding nights can be booked depending upon availability.  This can be a great way to have an initial taster of what boarding life is all about, and can help with the occasional ‘babysitting emergency’.

For any further information please contact Mr Batchelor (Head of Boarding)