Boarding Options

Many of our boarders live locally, whilst others are from further afield or overseas. Therefore, we offer different boarding options, to suit the varying needs of families.

Weekly Boarding is a great way to develop a child’s independence, confidence and resilience from an early age. Boarders arrive on Monday mornings or Sunday nights. At weekends, all children go home after matches on Saturdays. If there are no Saturday matches or other Saturday school events, children go home at the end of the school day on Fridays. A weekly bus service runs to and from London on Monday mornings and Friday evenings.

Flexi Boarding provides an ideal opportunity to gradually increase the boarding experience, in preparation for weekly boarding either towards the end of prep school or before moving on to senior schools. Flexi boarders can start by doing just one night per week and build on that, if they wish.

Occasional Boarding; when possible, we will always aim to accommodate pupils who wish to try the boarding experience, either whilst parents are away or before committing to a more regular routine.

Several times throughout the year, taster boarding nights are available for pupils in particular year groups to sample boarding.