Frequently Asked Questions

You may be surprised by how well boarding suits your son or daughter and we do encourage parents to be as open minded as possible. However, a family should make this decision together, following visits and boarding taster sessions. Our staff are always happy to answer any questions you or your child may have, however detailed, as we recognise the decision to board is an important one.

Children can board at any age, but it is more common in the latter years, especially if a child is to move to a boarding school at 13+.

Most children will experience homesickness at some point in their first term, particularly if they have not boarded before. However, in a busy and caring environment that is geared towards creating a wholly fulfilling educational experience, any homesickness will not last long.

If your child has a worry or is upset, there are several adults to talk to them (Houseparents, Tutors, Gaps, Matrons and Teaching staff).

Yes. We ask that mobile devices are kept at home to enable children to bond better with each other. All boarders are given email addresses to keep in regular contact with home. They can also call you using the private phones in Matron’s room. Overseas boarders are able to Skype in the evenings.

Meal times are important occasions when the whole boarding community comes together. Staff eat with the pupils to ensure they maintain a well-balanced diet. A good selection of hot and cold options is always available, catering for all dietary requirements. Boarders have input into the choice of food on offer and each week one of the boarding Houses selects a supper menu.

The boarding staff select the dormitories, changing them regularly, to encourage the children to develop social skills and have the opportunity to widen their circle of friends. All boarders are allocated the same bed for the term.

Boarding can enhance family life in several ways. The children are cared for, happy and busy while at school. When they come home, families can appreciate quality time without the stress of school runs or managing homework.