Head of Design & Technology

Mr K A BrewerBA (Hons) QTS, BSA Dip 

Design and Technology is an area of study that focuses on planning, designing and creating products using the design process. This is achieved by developing skills, knowledge and understanding by completing Focused Practical Tasks (FPT’s) to solve Design and Make Assignments (DMA).

Through studying Design and Technology pupils develop problem solving, communication, planning, research, making and evaluation skills. These skills are achieved through the DMAs, which are completed either as a group or independently. The projects across all year groups are based on clear targets with the importance of critical thinking and a coherent set of criteria for rewarding positive achievement. Pupils produce a supportive portfolio that is assessed as well as the finished product. There is a great emphasis within the workshop that making mistakes is a vital part of the design process and without making mistakes, improvements cannot be made!

Design & Technology complements Science, Maths, Information Technology and Art from a cross-curricular perspective. The synergy across these subjects makes Design & Technology a dynamic subject, similar to the technological world in which we live.

Throughout each year pupils have the opportunity to work with traditional hand tools, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) hardware and software including a laser cutter and 3D printer as well as workshop tools and machinery. The projects undertaken during the year focus on resistant materials, product and graphic design and electronic products.

Our aim at Cranleigh Prep is to inspire as many young minds as possible and begin them on the journey to possibly becoming some of the world’s future designers and engineers.