DockyardsThe interrelation of knowledge and skills is often overlooked when children operate with the necessary, but sometimes restrictive, nature of the subject timetable – hence our encouragement of learning and experiencing outside the formal classroom setting.

A variety of curriculum related school trips are arranged throughout the academic year. Each form spends at least one day away from school at a specially selected place of interest, with the simple objective of bringing their classroom work to life.

Geography FieldtripWe strongly support the theory that ‘I do: (therefore) I understand’ and so, whether the pupils toy with tarantulas, stand on the stage at the Globe Theatre, retreat to Wales for a writers’ workshop or weave a fire breathing dragon, their senses have been stimulated and real life connections made. Follow up work in the classroom is undoubtedly focused and purposeful!

In addition, pupils and their families are invited to join any of the annual school trips, the most popular being the skiing trip before the start of the Lent Term and the school exchange trip to Peponi House School in Kenya.