Privilege Time

uspt 021At Cranleigh Prep School, we reward good behaviour with Privilege Time and operate a “minutes lost” system for sanctions, whereby those who are guilty of a misdemeanour lose their Privilege Time in increments of 10 minutes in the Upper School and 5 minutes in the Lower and Middle School.

Upper School

Minutes are added up on a weekly basis and those with minutes spend Friday break quietly reflecting on their behaviour, and writing a letter of apology, whilst the vast majority with no minutes enjoy a delicious doughnut, iced bun or maybe an ice-lolly as a tea-time treat.

The main Privilege Time treat for Upper School takes place once every half term for Upper school pupils. It is the time when those who have been well-behaved are further rewarded for their efforts. Each half of term the minutes are totted up and the level set. Those with few or no minutes are able to enjoy the treat.

uspt 072

Lower and Middle School

Privilege Time treats in the Lower and Middle School are class or year group based. They take place once a week. The pupils choose their activities such as chocolate fondues, painting, dodgeball, wide games in the copse, treasure hunts, golf, basketball, unihoc, tennis, the climbing wall, our own X Factor and wacky Olympics to name but a few.