CPS Human Football Boarders_30463Boarding at Cranleigh Prep School is a home away from home – it is certainly not what you may remember or imagine! We aim to provide an environment which cares for and nurtures each child. The Boarding Houses provide a safe, comfortable and homely environment, where independence is supported, trust and camaraderie are actively promoted, and children flourish.

We have two boarding houses – Old House (boys) and School House (girls). Our boarders range from the age of 7 to 13 years. Many of our boarders live within a 5-mile radius of the school – and some are international boarders. We provide weekly boarding, and also flexi-boarding. (a minimum of two consecutive nights per week).

CPS Boys Boarders 2016_26049Many people see boarding as something to be tried before joining a senior school – however full weekly boarding at Cranleigh Prep School is encouraged as a means to develop a child’s independence and confidence from an early age. One of the advantages of boarding is that whilst day pupils spend valuable time travelling to and from school each day, boarding pupils can take advantage of the hours gained for extra sports, hobbies and activities. They learn to use their time sensibly and involve themselves in what is going on around them. Boarders also gain a sensitivity and understanding of others’ needs and also a tolerance and awareness of those around them. As boarders, the children learn to respect others and to be responsible for themselves.

CPS Boarders Christmas_23474At the end of a busy school day, boarders are offered a selection of activities to choose from, e.g. archery, climbing wall, dodgeball, golf, board games, crafts etc.

After time to relax and unwind, boarders have supper together as a community and have an opportunity to socialize over a meal.

Boarders attend prep sessions after supper, supervised by a team of academic teaching staff, who are able to guide the children through their preps and also provide drop-in clinics in the build-up to exams.

Wednesday evenings are a slightly different routine and involve the very popular tuck shop and film night.

CPS Boys Boarders 2016_26054Each term there are special events arranged for boarders such as fireworks display, roller discos and, of course, one of the most enjoyable is the boarders’ Christmas feast complete with a visit from Father Christmas.

Boarders are allocated a member of the common room as a boarding tutor, to meet on a weekly basis. Each tutor oversees his tutee’s well-being, with regard to discipline, academic progress and day-to-day highs and lows.

CPS Boys Boarders 2016_26058Our pastoral team, led by the Housemaster, Mr Manning (Old House) and Housemistress, Mrs Batchelor (School House) and their families is made up of truly committed individuals with masses of experience and bags of energy. Mr Thomas and Mrs Schutte are the deputies and lead the houses one evening per week. Each house has a team of five matrons, one of whom is on duty every evening. Our matrons take care of the children’s medical needs, and are always ready to listen and offer advice, comfort and share a joke!

Each year we welcome 4 young people known as GAPS – two GAPS live in each boarding house and provide additional support to the boarding staff and bridge the gap between the children and the teachers, fulfilling the role of older siblings.