The Form 1 & 2 Humanities Course

In Forms 1 and 2, we deliver the Humanities course. Each half term, the pupils study a different Humanities subject (Geography, History and R.P.). Science is taught separately in Forms 1 and 2. The curriculum is wide, varied and hugely kinaesthetic. Click on the links below to see the curriculum overviews for each year group:

Form 1 humanities curriculum overview

Form 2 humanities curriculum overview

Form 3

In Form 3, pupils have seven lessons a week dedicated to Humanities. These lessons take place within the children’s form classes. Each half term, they study a ‘topic’ which is based on one of the three Humanities subjects (Geography, History andSports -Football 010 Religion and Philosophy).

The topics that they cover are:

Michaelmas Term:

  • The Tudors! (History)
  • Airports! The World’s your Oyster! (Geography)

Lent Term:

  • Go, Go, Go Joseph! The dream man! (Religion and Philosophy)
  • “Life is like a box of Chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get!” (Geography)

Summer Term:

  • Striking Vikings! (History)
  • Hinduism – Promoting Peace (Religion and Philosophy)

This exciting and varied course provides a foundation for the Humanities subjects in the Upper School. A wide variety of stimulating activities, trips and talks are included to encourage the pupils to become independent learners and to promote an interest in the Humanities.

Assessments include presentations and independent project work which further enhance the course ideals.


Form 4


Following on from the Third Form topic-based course, pupils are introduced to Geography, History, and Religion and Philosophy as separate subjects in Form 4. An introduction to basic concepts, skills and knowledge appropriate to each subject is covered .

At the start of the course we explore the essence of the Humanities subjects – the study of humans; the societies that they have established; their history and the way in which they interact with their environment, within a visit to the British Museum.

We explore the links between the subjects wherever possible and endeavour to engender a thirst for knowledge and the necessary foundation skills to enable pupils to make good progress in our Upper School Humanities Course and beyond.


 Forms 5 and 6

In Forms 5 and 6, pupils who are not being prepared for Scholarship examinations, follow a two-year modular Humanities course which is assessed internally. Each of the three humanities subjects are taught separately over a total of eight lessons per week. Pupils are assessed internally with grades contributing towards a final grade at the end of Form 6.

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This innovative course has been designed to promote further interest in the humanities and to develop an enquiring approach to learning, as well as encouraging independence and responsibility amongst our pupils. The course also allows for the opportunity to web together common strands of knowledge and skills which transcend the three subjects. Assessments take the form of presentations, written or computer-based tests, fieldwork and a project and these assessments both reflect assess and the diversity of knowledge , concepts and skills promoted throughout the course.

This modular course in Geography, RP and History reduces the burden of exam preparation by adopting a continuous assessment approach at different times from the main exam sittings, ultimately allowing teachers more time to teach. Curricula have been developed in these subjects, in collaboration with Senior Schools, to reduce the amount of repetition that occurs for pupils in their first year at a Senior School, and to ensure the skills pupils require at their Senior Schools are developed at the end of their Prep School education. Content and skills which transcend the Humanities subjects have been webbed together when redesigning the curricula, and innovative assessment techniques have been developed which test a range of appropriate skills, as well as factual content synonymous with the Common Entrance syllabuses in the Humanities subjects.