At last a subject where fun is the overriding outcome to all else.  We strive to create the “take home factor”. The children are exposed to hand tools, drawing software programs, and machine tools. Much is written about the need to increase creativity and designing, but nothing is as effective as practical hands on skills. This is complimented by the use of folder work to apply the great life skill of planning. Our fortune cookie saying is ” Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

DTUsing Focused Practical Tasks  the children learn the skills needed to create their projects, often producing products of a high standard, and incorporating Product Design to make use of packaging ideas. We have also introduced an animation project to expose the children to various media formats.

The children complete two 13 week courses, this is divided up between Design and Food Technology. The emphasis in Food Technology is on the cooking skills and culminates in a Masterchef cook off at the end of the year.