An enriched education is one that has been improved or enhanced to increase the quality and value of it. Our trips, visitors…

An enriched education is one that has been improved or enhanced to increase the quality and value of it. Our trips, visitors and curriculum collapse days at Cranleigh Prep are all about enhancing the quality and value of education for all our pupils.  Whether it is World Book day, Maths Puzzle day or LAUNCH day they are designed to go beyond our curriculum to inspire and motivate our pupils.

All year we have run weekly sessions that have given children the opportunity to Learn And Understand New experiences that Challenge their Horizons.  LAUNCH day was the culmination of that.

This year’s theme was Lights, Camera, Action.  The day was filled with activities themed around the film industry – from camera work, film editing, special effect makeup to karate kid lessons, stop motion animation, acting and what it is like to work in the stunt industry.

The day was a huge team effort from many different departments and external specialists. The Science department taught the pupils about the history of shadow puppets and how Hagrid was made to be tall with forced perspective.  The IT department ran stop motion and green screen session alongside young film crews and photography specialists. The Drama and English departments ran a Young Film Academy.  Our dance teacher, Miss Kimberly, taught La La Land and Grease dances.  Hurtwood House Sixth Form College came and gave a special masterclass on makeup scars, boils and bruises.  Juliette Cheveley, inspired many of our pupils to look carefully at the stunt industry with her expertise in horse riding, scuba diving and acrobatics. Julie Matthews, LAMDA teacher, ran a masterclass on monologues and Guildford Karate taught our younger pupils the core karate techniques and discipline enabling us to have over 150 karate kids in school.  There really was a diverse range of activities on offer across the school.

Themed cupcakes, baked fresh, by our catering department, a film crew barbeque and popcorn fuelled the day and the children were engaged, excited, entertained and enriched for the entire day.

All of this would not have happened without the hard-working teachers and larger school team of facilities, IT and Julie on reception.

Thank you.

Mrs Tamsin Groocock, Head of Science

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