On Monday evening CPS took a team of 40 swimmers to Highfield School to compete in an exhilarating introductory preliminary IAPS swim competition.

The previous weekend of sporting injuries played havoc with the CPS team selection yet the children certainly embraced the situation as they knuckled down to fill sizable gaps in the programme. Consequently, we thank Hunter G, Hatty K, Manon G-J, Arthur Armstrong and Louisa C who all swam up a year group in the face of defiance.

Highfield set a challenging swimming programme starting with a tough U13’s IM race and CPS flirted with the notion that they could quickly create buffer of points at such an early stage of the gala.  CPS spectators looked on to watch both our captains and club swimmers steam in to claim 1st & 2nd places in consecutive races.

Other individual winners included: –

Betsan L  – U11 25m Backstroke

Henry L – U12 50m Backstroke

Leonie S – U9 25m Freestyle

Toby LD – U13 25m Fly

Hattie K – U11 25m Freestyle

Joe W – U12 50m Freestyle

Isla Rose A 1st and Toby LD 2nd places – U13’s 50m Freestyle

Even with all this good work in place Highfield claimed the afternoon and won 135 points to CPS 186 points (lowest score wins).

Well done to all involved we now look forward to the CPS Inter House Swimming Competition on 25th November, may the best team win!