Twenty contestants were selected for two heats – an unseen recipe, to be perfectly constructed within an hour and a half. Meatballs to be shaped, mixed with the correct flavour combination, cooked perfectly and presented creatively.  The Masterchef 2022 oven glove, I mean gauntlet, had been laid down!

After an extremely rigorous inspection and taste test, Mrs Sharpe narrowed down the twenty contestants to six.  Maddy B, Coco B, Coco K, Cameron R, Immy M and Felix B were to battle it out for the winner and runner up places. But could they withstand the pressure of choosing tasty ingredient combinations from a crowded tableful of food and concocting them into a cookery masterpiece that would be deserving of the Masterchef title. Was their creative flair and culinary knowledge strong enough to design, produce and present a cracking two course meal within three hours?

One could hear a pin drop as the eager participants scanned the tableful of ingredients, trying to piece together effective food combinations that they could remember how to cook.  Then they were off, silence broken with kettles boiling, pans sizzling and ovens whirring.

Immy and Felix raced head to head ambitiously whipping up their meringues and cream to get them in the oven for a long cool bake. Coco B began her coq au vin (yes, she did bring a very nice spot of red to add to it) Coco K set about creating an adventurous curry with samosas and onion bhajis to accompany her Korma and raita. Meanwhile Cameron prepared and slow roasted vegetables for his Mediterranean dish but should he choose chicken or salmon? Eventually he plumped for chicken, then he started his tiramisu, whilst Maddy set about making the sauce for her Chicken Katsu and then her chocolate lava cakes.

It was so difficult to decide this year between such imaginative concoctions which were beautifully presented, so our very own Paul Hollywood (Mr Brookes) and Mary Berry (Mrs Ellis) were invited to judge.  After much discussion and repeated tasting, the much sought after MasterChef 2022 winner was awarded to … Coco B with Maddie B as runner up.

Congratulations to all contestants for their marvellous creativity, enthusiasm, support and encouragement, but especially to Coco B whose crème caramel and intricate chocolate piping won the day.