It was so lovely for us as a school to focus on our school charities during the afternoon of the last day of term. Each year group took part in an activity that required some physical endurance but also a great deal of fun.

Form 1 went on a treasure hunt; Form 2 took part in a skipathon; Form 3 ran, in groups, the distance of an international football mid-fielder player; Form 4 hiked up Pitch Hill; Form 5 ran, played foot-golf, played Fives and Tennis; and finally Form 6 trekked back from Leith Hill.

As well as having an afternoon of fun the families of CPS donated money for a variety of charities. In total during this afternoon event we raised as a community £6,726.64 for our year group charities:

Form 1 – £1,118.20 Bowel Cancer

Form 2 – £464.44 Challengers

Form 3 and 4 – £2,013 Make a Wish

Form 5 £2,319 CWT

Form 6 £812 CRY

In total we have raised £9,912.25 over the academic year for a range of charities, from Christmas shoeboxes sent to Romania and Mrs Brooks running 2020 miles in 2020 and raising £2,405 for Beyond Ourselves to Mufti Day donations and Mr Brooks & friends raising over £6,100 for London Youth Rowing and School of Hard Knocks, rowing the length of the Thames.