This year has seen great success for Cranleigh Prep School pupils in gaining a combined 28 scholarship awards at six different schools across a variety of disciplines.

On the academic front, Sebastian S gained a scholarship to Tonbridge School; Madeleine B, Frederick F, Edward F and Lily L all received scholarships to Cranleigh School; while Charles C was awarded an Honorary Scholarship at RGS Guildford.

In addition, Alex W and Max W both gained exhibitions at Charterhouse, while Martha R was awarded an exhibition at Cranleigh School. Ruby M and Ella S also received exhibitions to Cranleigh School following their strong performance in Common Entrance exams.

In Art, Felicity H received a scholarship to Cranleigh School, with Tabitha L and Amelia W both gaining exhibitions. In Music, Alex W was awarded an exhibition to Charterhouse, while Josie H and Cormac H both received exhibitions to Cranleigh School. In addition, both William H and Isla S gained 11+ Awards at Cranleigh Prep School.

Finally, in Sport, Humphrey B was awarded a scholarship to Charterhouse while Tadhg M received a scholarship to Worth School. The Eric Abbott Awards at Cranleigh School are awarded for excellence in a given sport: Grace J (hockey), Eliza L (hockey), Freddie (cricket), Siena (swimming), Martha (netball) and Ella S (hockey) all gained scholarships; with Tara M (riding) receiving an exhibition.

Huge congratulations to all who gained recognition for their talent and efforts over many years. Nick French, Master of Scholars, said that “We are absolutely thrilled with all the achievements of our pupils, not only those who gain an award, but also those who narrowly miss out. Each and every pupil puts heart and soul into their scholarship journey and we are proud of them all.”