Form 3 were delighted to once again welcome local chocolatier and guest speaker, Joanna Marshall. The pupils are currently learning all about the global chocolate trade and Fairtrade in their Humanities lessons.

Joanna explained how her company ‘Kokoh’ is run not only as a Fairtrade company, but also operates within Raise Trade values. It was fascinating to hear about the different origins of Kokoh chocolate from around the world and particularly mouth-watering were the details of the range of products produced, including many different ingredients.

Most appealing to the pupils was the taste testing – the standout highlight of Joanna’s visit – pupils were instructed on how to professionally taste chocolate ranging from 20 to 80% cocoa content.

They rubbed to release aromas, smelt and held the pieces on their tongue to release a delightful range of delicate flavours… all before they were permitted to swallow. Challenging for any chocolate mad child!

It was a thoroughly enjoyable and delicious talk and our Form 3 pupils were delighted to be given a chocolate bar to take home with them.