The idea of producing a film of A Midsummers Night’s Dream initially came about when the Cranleigh Arts Centre was unable to open its doors due to COVID 19. After the recent knock back from the cancelled Bugsy show just a few days before opening night, there was no appetite of taking a risk on another ‘no show’ for this group of actors. 

Although we were unsure of what would happen last term, making a film mostly set outside would be less risky to fall to COVID.

It was an ambitious project with restricted timings, all of which was done outside lesson times and whole school breaks. Time restraints meant there were few opportunities for endless takes. We spent 40 minutes rehearsing, and the same again to film, including a speedy creative costume change which Mrs Everett organised beautifully as usual.

Mr Jewell-Smith was not only juggling the filming and editing in many areas of the virtual prep school life last term, but somehow managed to edit this abridged (by Martin Lamb) half hour Shakespearean Classic, spending endless hours perfecting mixes, visuals and the sound. 

Many thanks to all the Form 6 actors who adapted fast to a different medium. They learnt lines proficiently and accurately, making it their business to study the play, bringing understanding to the film. 

My wholehearted congratulations goes out to all who were involved.