Despite a global pandemic and very many changes in our school routines, the House Challenge Final was an exciting culmination to this Michaelmas term. The contest had to be altered to comply with Covid restrictions and so separate year group competitions were held for Forms 4,5 and 6 in the final week of term.

These competitions were witnessed by members of the year group involved and they managed to create an appropriate atmosphere for this closely contested House Competition. For the first time ever, it was great to see teams from Form 4 participating in this year’s competition too.

The first two rounds of the competition were held on Monday and Tuesday and the winners of these rounds contested yesterday’s finals. In Form 4 Diamonds and Clubs were represented with Clubs eventually emerging victorious.

The Form 5 Final was extremely close, contested by Hearts and Diamonds. Diamonds were eventually crowned champions by just 15 points after the lead changed hands regularly throughout the competition.

The Form 6 Final was the last competition of the morning and saw Spades working together so successfully as a team and claiming the title. It is encouraging to see such a wide array of general knowledge amongst our pupils, and to witness audiences that were so encouraging and eager to learn some new facts themselves. Well done to everyone!