The Science Department has thoroughly enjoyed being back in the labs over the last two weeks. Pupils have been busy with a wide range of activities and practical work even with the equipment being carefully bubbled.  We have also been able to utilise the good weather and conduct some of our activities outside.

Form 1 have begun to identify and name all the equipment they are going to be using during Science lessons, practising their measuring and recording skills.

Form 2 are going to start looking at why penguins bubble.

Form 3 has gone to infinity and beyond by looking at our Universe, studying the scale of the solar system and our planets.

Form 4 are learning about energy transfer and temperature and have already carefully used the Bunsen Burners safely.

Form 5 have started learning Chemistry and looking at atoms, elements and compounds. They were excited by the Alkali metals and how to form new compounds.

Form 6 have also been busy.  Half of the year are learning about Electricity and have looked at the different types of circuits and how components cause resistance.  The other half are looking at ecology and photosynthesis.  Sampling skills and lab techniques have already been under scrutiny.