The House Music Competition finals took place on Friday 14th February, just before half-term! There were lots of fantastic entries and the competition to win a place in the final was fierce this year.

Throughout the day more than 100 pupils performed in 20 different categories. Younger pupils were encouraged to stay and listen to the progression of the older pupils to inspire them for the future.  Parents and friends were also present to support the performers.

This year the Von Sprekleson Award for the most promising performer was given to Alice P, Form 6, who performed beautifully in three different Senior categories.

Congratulations to all of our performers and particularly the winners of each category:

Woodwind & Brass Performance

Lower School Woodwind & Brass: Oliver R 2RS (French Horn)

Middle School Brass:  Isla S 3B (Trombone)

Middle School Woodwind: Zoe G 4J (Flute)

Senior School Brass:  Oliver M 6H (Trumpet)

Senior School Woodwind: Alex W 5F (Recorder)

Strings Performance

Lower School Strings: Oliver R 2RS (Violin) 

Middle School Strings: Anise R 4P (Cello)

Upper School Strings: Charlie M 6B (Violin) 

Guitar Performance

Junior: Hannah W 4P

Senior: Jamie T 6B

Vocal Performance

Lower School:  Jessie H 1D

Form 3: William H 3M

Form 4: Anise R 4P

Form 5:  Madeleine B 5J

Upper School: Ted S 6D

Piano & Percussion Performance

Lower School Piano: Oliver S 1U

Junior Percussion: Harry H 3M

Middle School Piano: Anise R 4P

Senior Percussion: Jamie T 6B

Upper School Piano: Richard E 6CS (Accordion)