The CPS inter House Swimming Gala was buzzing and noisy, with an impressive show of team work from everyone involved, whether cheering for their Houses or taking part in the events.

This year the Lower School scores were particularly close, with Hearts and Spades coming in joint 3rd.

Lower School

Clubs – 54

Diamonds – 48

Hearts – 39

Spades – 39

Upper School were up next, with a strong lead from Clubs.

Upper School

Clubs – 65

Diamonds – 42

Spades – 40

Hearts – 33

After lunch, Middle School swam the final round.  Once again Clubs showed their strength and this secured their 1st place position. Having snuck in to 3rd place just before lunch in the Upper School gala, Spades managed to hold on to this position.

Middle School

Clubs – 63

Diamonds  48

Spades – 35

Hearts – 34


The final, overall scores were:

Clubs – 182

Diamonds – 138

Spades – 114

Hearts – 106

Lisa Waller, swimming coach, says “Many thanks to everyone involved, and to all those children who stepped in to swim due to illness or injuries last minute. The event would not run, or be nearly such fun, without the children’s support for their Houses”.