On Sunday 17th November a group of 16 CPS pupils, ranging from U7 – U11’s, pitched themselves against club swimmers from five local schools at this annual gala.  Many were novices to the world of competitive swimming but they certainly rose to the occasion!

The atmosphere on the poolside was high with excitement, as well as humidity, as the team sat nervously chatting together before they focused on the challenge that lay ahead.

First up were the mixed U7’/U8’s 25m individual freestyle races and the boys’ team had a strong start, winning 1st & 2nd places. The U7 boys again secured a relay win easily. The U11 girls’ team held their own as they swam in a formation, neck to neck to the finish, where there was only a stretched arm finish to distinguish the winning team.

Half way through the programme of events, Park Mead and CPS appeared to be close runners on the score board.  However, the CPS boys’ team had the slight advantage, then in the mixed relay races CPS took 1st and 2nd places on all four events.

The final places were announced; Park Mead won a well-deserved Overall School Shield and Girls’ Trophy this year, with CPS securing the Boys’ Trophy which they have not won since 2016.

The scores were as follows:

1st Park Mead – 177

2nd CPS – 172

3rd St Cuthbert Maine – 146

4th Wonesh & Shamley Green – 121

5th Cranleigh Primary – 115

Lisa Waller, swimming coach, says “Many thanks to all the children who took part last night, with lots of new Personal Best’s taken, especially in the U7 & U8’s category. Even though the boys managed to take the trophy this year, it was definitely a team effort and an exciting gala for both children and parents alike”.