The Form 1s had a fantastic, first ever residential trip to High Ashurst in Dorking just before long-leave.  Armed with enormous suitcases, they set off for their one-night stay! 

Activities included the Challenge Course, Climbing, Orienteering and Woodland skills during which the children were encouraged to work as a team, developing their skills of resilience and perseverance.

Much excitement and fun was had by all; they particularly enjoyed sharing dorms with their peers and eating huge breakfasts together the next morning.

Even Mr Brooks came along to join in with the Woodland skills and helped the children to gather silver birch twigs and cook marshmallows over the fire.

The staff enjoyed it too (perhaps apart from the 04.30 wake-up call…!) and it was great to see the pupils outside of the classroom environment helping and supporting one another.

Everyone had a brilliant time – and the Form 1s can’t wait to go on next year’s residential – for 2 nights this time!