York, May 2019 will long be remembered by Form 5; for they came, they saw, they did a little sightseeing and then they had to sit an exam! ‘Why did they have to go and ruin the trip with an exam?’ was the common cry of Form 5 when they were given the details of their forthcoming residential trip to York. As they later learnt, this was all part of a cunning plan by Cranleigh Prep’s History Department to continue to make History fun, whilst retaining academic rigour.

And so, with a mixture of excitement and apprehension, 76 children set off up the M1. During their three day visit they explored Helmsley Castle; Byland Abbey; The Minster; Clifford Tower; York Castle Museum and York Aviation Museum.


They saw where Edward I held his northern parliament; the tomb of St William; the cells that had held Dick Turpin and the conditions a Halifax rear gunner had to endure. They enjoyed cake at a Yorkshire tea house; ice cream in the park and doughnuts at Watford Gap services. They did all of this and more and then they sat the exam…

‘That wasn’t too bad’

‘I wish more assessments were like that’

‘What a great way to be tested’

These were some of the children’s reactions. A great trip, happy children and a year group average of 75% – mission accomplished.

The History Department.