The sun shone,  not only on the decking on Tuesday 21st May, but also in the cosy little studio set up on the Wyatt Hall stage for the Form 4 Drama Club Production,  “Back to Summer”.

During their Thursday Priority Times, the all girl cast (hope we get some boys next year!)  characterised heroes from the past, some they knew and some they now know.   

They showed enormous enthusiasm, bringing wit, talent and energy to the production. Tim Curry would have been particularly enamoured by the final, carefully self-choreographed number, The Time Warp!  The girls really did send us all back in time, whether contemplating if we should walk like an Egyptian, or as Cindy Lauper, reminding us that girls wanna have fun.

Phil Waller, Head of Drama, says “The whole production was ram-packed with fun from start to finish.  Thank you to Ben Dixon for his sound and music wizardry, and to Lita Everett for her detail, as ever in the costumes, props and co-direction. The only number we should have popped in perhaps was….Oh what a night by the Four seasons! Well done and thank you to all involved”