Forty adventurous Form 3 and 4 children joined the UKSA sailing trip to Cowes last weekend. On arrival the first challenge was how to make up their bunks. With eight to a dorm, duvet covers and pillow cases were scattered in every direction, whilst children disappeared inside and teddies crept onto the beds of those who were on a residential trip for their first time. Nervous and very excited children unpacked, ate a quick supper then ran off to tackle an orienteering course before bedtime.

Saturday morning after a hearty full cooked breakfast, our young sailors were kitted out ready for action. Pulling on wet suits proved to be another small test of perseverance! Before being unleashed into the R2 Zest dinghies, rigging and de-rigging had to be practised, bowline and reef knots tied, sail settings and wind directions understood and identifying parts of the dinghy.

Of course how to make the boat move and use the wind to control its speed was vital too. Whilst realising that ‘Duck’ was not the bird, ‘Boom’ was not a loud noise and flapping your arms was certainly not a wild dance, when sailing.  A full day in the fresh air, followed by crabbing and pool games kept everyone happy and meant they were all ready for a good night’s sleep.

On Sunday morning the USKA instructors towed us to a different spot along the estuary. As the wind was light, pirate games – capsizing and water bombing off each other’s boats, followed by more gentle sailing brought us to the end of the sailing experience.

Finally, it was time to head back to HQ, change and all too soon head back to the Red Funnel ferry terminal homeward bound.

Thank you to Mrs Marriott, Mrs Cooke and Mr Bassil who accompanied Mrs Sharpe on the trip.