On Friday 25th January, there was much excitement here at school as children, staff and parents gathered on Top Pitch for our annual House Cross Country. 

Thankfully, the wet weather had cleared up and it was a mild, dry day so the running conditions were excellent.  It was a little muddy underfoot which made it slippery for the runners and amusing for the spectators!

The House Cross Country is a whole school event and it was wonderful to see every child doing their best for their House.  A number of staff joined in with the run, including Mr and Mrs Brooks.

Runners from the Lower, Middle and Upper school completed their laps of the course to cheers and support from their families and classmates.  Individual winners were:

U8s: Manon G-J & Raffy P

U9s: Jessica F & Eddie H

U10s: Bethan L & Charlie C

U11s: Rosanne M & Gabriel J

U12s: Amber V-D & Monty N

U13s: Charlotte B & Max P

After the event the children replenished their energy levels with some warm soup and snacks before heading home for a well-earned Exeat weekend.  

The House scores were announced in Assembly today: Clubs 1st (395), Spades 2nd (368), Diamonds 3rd (339) and Hearts 4th (336).  Well done to everyone who took part.