The CPS inter House Swimming Gala was an impressive show of team work and stoicism this year, with so many of the senior key boy swimmers out of the picture with injury.

The House Tutors took heart that so many children put their hands up to fill events and make up relay teams which led to most of the events being closely contested right to the last second.

Lower School swam first, before lunch, followed soon after by Upper School.  Middle School then competed after their lunch.  The results of the three galas were announced in Assembly this morning and played out in this order:

Lower School

1st  Diamonds – 57

2nd Clubs – 45

3rd Hearts – 41

4th Spades – 37

After the first, Lower School Gala Diamonds were comfortably in the lead.

Middle School

1st Clubs – 67

2nd Hearts – 42

3rd Diamonds – 41

4th Spades – 30

Fuelled by lunch, there was a much closer score with only one point’s difference between Hearts and Diamonds.  However, Clubs then raced ahead, winning the next two galas.

Upper School

1st Clubs – 66

2nd Spades – 49

3rd Hearts – 36

4th Diamonds – 32

Overall scores

1st Clubs – 178

2nd Diamonds – 130

3rd Hearts – 119

4th Spades – 116

Well done to everyone involved and particular congratulations to Clubs!