Firstly 1U and 1D were talking about the skills you need to have to be an archaeologist when suddenly Mr Batchelor came in and sent Form 1 on a mission to find some lost artefacts! They went across top pitch (in their trainers) to find them.

Next they found the places where artefacts might be found. Form 1 pupils were split into six groups. Taking turns to use the shovels, they started to dig.

To their surprise, they found lots of artefacts – for instance: a bit of gold plate, some painted statues, some tiles and pieces of a cooking pot. After all that fun, they gathered round and picked two of their artefacts to share and talk about.   

Finally they walked back across top pitch, back to their classroom.  It was a great experience for Form 1.

Article written by Freddie B – 1U