At Cranleigh Prep School, we are lucky to have our own Patron of Reading.  This is an author who visits the school regularly and keeps in touch with the children over the period of a year.

M.G. Leonard is well-known to the children as she has visited Cranleigh twice already.  She was on the short list for the Awesome Book Awards in May and then she visited the school again in September, in her role as Patron.

Ask the children what M.G. Leonard writes about and they will reply, without hesitation: “Beetles!”

Her first children’s novel, Beetle Boy, introduced young readers to Baxter, a stag beetle, and Darkus, his owner.  Together, they solve the mystery of the disappearance of Dr Bartholomew Cuttle (Darkus’ dad).  Darkus’ beetle-themed adventures continue in Beetle Queen, where he tries to stop an evil plot hatched by Lucretia Cutter.  We are all looking forward to the publication of Battle of the Beetles, the third book in the trilogy, in the Lent Term.

During her visit this term, we were lucky enough to record an interview with M.G. Leonard.  She answered a series of questions written by the children and designed to help them improve their writing.  She shared her tips on how to be a good writer and how to generate ideas.  She even shares with us her childhood fears and how they become the secret of her success.  We hope you enjoy this video and we look forward to welcoming her back to Cranleigh Prep in the new year.