This week we were treated to another fantastic Creative Arts collaboration with Form 3’s production of ‘Hoodwinked’. This classic tale of Robin Hood’s plight to free the nation from the tyranny of the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham brought a slice of Sherwood Forest to our very own Wyatt Hall.

The audience were guided throughout by an Uber-cool gang of rappers, Leah S, William R, Ella S, Ted C, Bea F and Ralph E, who kept us up to date with the many goings on in Sherwood Forest.


Would the dashing Robin Hood (Joseph R) and the gorgeous Maid Marion (Evie A) ever get together? Would the sly Sheriff (Grace J) keep up his evil ways and manage to catch his arch enemy? Would the accident prone Sheriff’s Deputy (Dexter G) ever find out the secret password? Would King Richard (Humphrey B) return in time to save them all?

These and other questions were answered in this music and dancing extravaganza. The audience was treated to some stunning solos from Grace J, Joseph R and Evie A, accompanied by the Form 3 choir of Maid Marion’s ladies, Robin’s Merry men, the Friars and the villagers who have all been learning the score this term in their music lessons. 

At times it was hard to imagine the cast was made up of 9 and 10 year olds, as their storytelling, command of the stage and comic timing belied their years. As pantomime season is upon us, the audience also had their part to play and were encouraged to ‘Boo’ the dastardly deeds of the wonderfully wicked Sheriff.

This was a real team effort but a huge thank you goes to the Directors, Lita Everett and Laura Dowsett, and to Ruth Williams and Dr Marie Ward for fine tuning the singing. Kimberly Voyles choreographed and the back drop was created by Rob Perry and Victoria McCambridge. Costumes were sourced or constructed by Mrs Everett and Liz Turner and Technical Manager, Nick Johnston,  ensured the cast could be heard and sparkled in the lime light.