There’s been great excitement and competition in the swimming pool two Fridays in a row, with Middle & Lower School House Swimming Sports on 24th November, followed by the Upper School races on 1st December.

Lower School started off the heats and the results were as follows:

1st Clubs – 62 points

2nd Diamonds – 44 points

3rd Hearts – 41 points

4th Spades – 33 points

Middle School pupils then rose to the challenge and Clubs managed to hold on to 1st position. See the scores below:

1st Clubs – 67 points

2nd Hearts – 45 points

3rd Diamonds – 43 points

4th Spades – 25 points


The cheering and noise by the pool last Friday reflected the excitement and strong House spirit of the Upper School, all keen to see their House swim to glory!  Their final results were:

1st Clubs – 58 points

2nd Spades – 53 points

3rd Hearts – 40 points

4th Diamonds – 38 points

Many congratulations to everyone who took part and especially to Clubs for winning all three events!  The Upper School scores, combined with those from the Lower and Middle School the week before, are as follows:

1st Clubs – 18

2nd Hearts – 126

3rd Diamonds – 125

4th Spades – 111