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  • 10 November 2017

Congratulations to our new Prefects

We are delighted to announce that Charlie P and Georgie L have been appointed Head Boy and Head Girl.  They will be…

We are delighted to announce that Charlie P and Georgie L have been appointed Head Boy and Head Girl.  They will be supported by a very able team of School Prefects: Jemima B & Charlotte R (Clubs), Eve V-O & Scott W (Diamonds), Herb D & Jake A-J(Hearts) and Gigi G & Max C (Spades). 

The new leadership team will be ambassadors for the School, supporting the aims and ethos of CPS, representing the pupil voice and acting as role models for all pupils.

The Prefects were selected after assessing their contributions to their Leadership Teams since the beginning of term.  Every pupil in Form 6 has been assigned to one of the 12 Leadership Teams that reflects their particular strengths or interests. These range from helping in Chapel, Computing, Sports and Creative Arts to helping with the Lower School pupils.  The teams selected are intended to reflect all the main areas of school life, so every one has the opportunity to contribute to the running and well-being of the School in a meaningful way.

Each team is overseen by a member of staff who encourages all pupils to become involved and contribute. In addition,each Sixth Former reflects on their contributions to all aspects of school life before filling in a self-assessment form twice a term, usually following their card scores.

Once Form Tutors have collected these forms, they are used to generate a ‘points score’ based upon guidelines that credit pupil effort, achievement and involvement in; sport, arts, music and extra-curricular activities. The individual pupil total then counts towards their bronze, silver or gold awards which are awarded once they pass the agreed threshold. These scores also greatly assisted the Headmaster in the election of the Head Boy, Head Girl and the Prefects.

Emma Lewis, Deputy Head Pastoral, says ‘The selection process proved to be exceptionally challenging as there are so many inspiring leaders amongst the year group. Due to the rather talented pool of pupils, a second group of Prefects shall be selected before the Christmas Break.’



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