You could have cut the atmosphere today with a knife, at the 3rd Annual CPS Spelling Bee. 

This popular House competition consists of two rounds.  Firstly, in their English classes during this week, every child in the School was asked to individually spell aloud from a list of pre-learned words.  Every correct word earned the child a point for their ‘House.’  The totals for all of these in-class heats were added together.  Although the scores were close, Spades were the winners of the in-class heats. 

The second part of the competition was today’s whole-school Spelling Bee.  Forms 2 – 6 gathered in the Wyatt Hall to watch five representatives from each House (one for each participating year) spell their way to success.  The pupils had an individual round, where they had to spell aloud, and a team round, where they attempted to spell some very tricky words.  The scores from the in-class heats were added to the scores obtained in the whole school event.

All of the children were amazingly confident to stand in front of the school community and spell aloud (it’s much harder than you think!).  However, there can only be one winner for these competitions and, on this occasion, Diamonds were awarded the Spelling Bee trophy.  A big well done to all of our super spellers!