As part of their studies into the Ancient Egyptians, Form One pupils were luckily enough to be visited by Tim and Sabryna from The Nile School Shakers.

First they gave the children a presentation about Egypt which included facts about Egyptian Dance. They were also introduced to a whole range of Egyptian instruments including the Arghus (which became our modern-day bagpipes) and the Nay (a cross between a whistle and a flute that was played by blowing across the reed at 45 degrees).

The children were most impressed by Tim’s demonstration of circular breathing – some of them just thought he had very big lungs! He also played various drums  – very quickly! When asked how he played the drums so fast, Tim told the children that it was the result of lots of practice and good listening skills.

 1D began with a drumming workshop during which Tim taught them to play the drum using a ‘dum-tak-tak-dum-tak’ rhythm. Meanwhile 1U were learning a traditional Egyptian dance which included steps such as dipping your toe into the Nile and doing the ‘camel step’! Then the two classes swapped over and had fun doing the other activity.

 During the grand finale both classes performed their drumming and dance routines and impressed each other with their skills before having a traditional ‘Egyptian-Dance-off’! What a fabulous way to learn about the Egyptians!