The Lower School became forensic scientists for the day. We all had a booklet to complete as we went around all the activities to discover who had stolen Mr Wilson’s teddy. Everyone did finger printing, observing, ink chromatography, dental impressions and calculating height from foot size.

In finger printing , we used cocoa powder and melted butter to make fingerprints on glass slides. We then lifted them with sellotape.  In observing, we watched a clip where we had to count how many passes a white team made, while a moon- walking bear travelled across the screen.


We learnt how to measure someone’s height from the length of their foot and we examined our dental impression on a polystyrene tile.

It was a really fun day and we found out that Miss Burrell had stolen Mr Wilson’s teddy, even though she had tried to frame Mr Stroud by using his pen!

Felicity Harrison – 2R