Whilst on the train from Schiphol to Amsterdam Centraal Station (at Sloterdijk to be exact) it suddenly struck me what an experience the members of 6Ho were about to have. Away from home on their own for probably the first time in an adult environment, the Amsterdam Trip is part of a rite of passage, controlled independence in a foreign land to boot (or clog in this case). They are so lucky.

Mrs Jolly and I have seen it all a number of times before but the city never ceases to amaze, even in the damp and cool (I am being kind) conditions that we experienced this year.

All the usual suspects – Rijksmuseum, NEMO (Science Museum), Scheepvart (Ship) Musuem, the Anne Frank House and the long bike ride to Marken – were knocked off again as well as great meals at the Campsite (Camping Zeeburg), Sari Citra (Indonesian), the Boulevard Café (neighbourhood chic) and El Paloma (Turkish Pizza!).

After El Palomna the eagle-eyed children spotted a playground with a slide – still kids – and then eased their way into a game of football with the highly-skilled locals who they proceeded to hack down unceremoniously; no World War but no prisoners were taken. A highlight for us all.