Many congratulations to Bashi S, Scarlett S, Max J and Lulu M, our four members of the Eco team who have successfully raised over £400 for the Fairtrade Foundation.

The Eco team is made up of Form 6 pupils, who meet weekly during Priority Time to discuss ways in which we can become a more Eco-friendly school. They have taken part in several Eco initiatives this year, including ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ (a Biodiversity research project) and the ‘Big Schools’ Birdwatch’( run by the RSPV).

Having seen and read about the plight of farmers in the Third World, and how the Fairtrade Partnership can help them, the Eco team were keen to get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight (27th February-12th March 2017).

To publicise the campaign, the Eco team held a full School Assembly on Friday 12th March, where they showed a short film to all pupils in the school about how a Fairtrade football is made.

Hot on the heels of Fairtrade Fortnight, Max, Scarlett, Lulu and Bashi worked their socks off during short break on Mufti Day last Friday, serving up hot chocolate (plus whipped cream & marshmallows) and a kitkat to over 300 pupils.

They also sold raffle tickets for a Fairtrade football. The lucky winner will be drawn on Thursday 23rd March, during our final School Assembly.

Carolyn Elliott, who oversees the Eco team, says “This is a fantastic effort from Bashi, Lulu, Max and Scarlett who have raised over £408 for the Fairtrade Foundation. We shall look forward to more exciting projects in the pipeline, such as taking part in Waste Week (EDF Energy), The Golden Boot Challenge (Surrey County Council and putting on a recycled fashion show!”