Seven Cranleigh Prep pupils have been selected for an Art Award to their chosen senior schools.

Mathilda B, Grace C and Melanie I have been offered scholarships to Cranleigh School; Will O’C and Sophie R have been awarded exhibitions. Matilda C and Max D have been given scholarships to Prior’s Field and Charterhouse respectively.

Rob Perry, Director of Art, says “With such a plethora of talents on show, this year’s Art scholarship candidates have combined their excellent work with a real team ethic that has been a pleasure to witness.

This willingness to support each other has meant that there has been a tangible ‘enjoyment factor’ to the scholars’ Da Vinci Club sessions. From an abstract painting of the Tour Eiffel, based on the work of Gustav Klimt, and some sensitive drawings of wildlife to ceramic work that used the ocean as inspiration, this creative group has been both industrious and hungry for knowledge.

It is worth pointing out that well-earned success for the majority of the team has been enhanced by the contribution of the group as a whole. Many Congratulations to them all.”